Commodified Time_2015

Time has become a commodity that is manipulated for the perpetuation of the capitalist system . Thus leisure time and work time is the same: There is no difference between work time and leisure time, everything is alienated work: accumulated time, saved or spent, but never lived time.

The clock is a shackle on our wrist or an unyielding God to be held accountable for our work, because the clock time is not a lived time but a measured and commodified time, a time lived like an illusion, time is not lived but spent.

Chapter 6:  Spectacular Time


The time of production — commodified time — is an infinite accumulation of equivalent intervals. It is irreversible time made abstract, in which each segment need only demonstrate by the clock its purely quantitative equality with all the others. It has no reality apart from its exchangeability. Under the social reign of commodified time, “time is everything, man is nothing; he is at most the carcass of time” (The Poverty of Philosophy). This devalued time is the complete opposite of time as “terrain of human development.”

The Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord